Next Board Meeting: April 21, 2021 at 7:30 p.m.             The April 21, 2021 LVHA Board meeting will be held via conference call.  Please contact the LVHA Business Office for call-in information.                            


Construction update:

With the break in the rain, construction work has resumed on the Project. Forming work for the foundations of retaining walls and ramp is nearly complete. Rebar for those will be following and then early next week the concrete will be poured once rebar inspection is complete. 

The form work for the perimeter gutter of the pool is nearing completion and on Monday the precise cutting of the pool floor and walls will be done by Waterworks. Soon thereafter, the rebar and plumbing for the pool will follow. 

Nordby is the Contractor for the Project and their superintendent is the first and last person on site every working day. He is also the person tasked with health and safety at the site and in that role he is required to record the name and contact information for every person entering the site in case contact tracing (secondary to a Covid positive test) is ever required. At no point is he unaware of anyone working on the site. Marin County Public Health maintains restrictions on the numbers of construction workers and those guidelines are adhered to.  



(posted 2/5/2021)    

The LVHA Clubhouse, and surrounding parcel, is closed to all unauthorized persons now through construction.