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Should Lucas Valley Road be Designated a Scenic County Roadway?

    554 people have already signed a petition saying Yes!  Although Marin County has many land use and zoning policies, it has no policies specifically protecting the views from its scenic roads.  The view from Lucas Valley Road is dominated by beautiful hills and roadside vegetation, despite the presence of three housing developments along the north side of the road and a few houses on the south side.  Because of their siting and screening by trees, other planting, and low berms, the houses do not draw one’s eyes away from the scenery.

    But there are ample opportunities for construction in the Lucas Valley Road view-shed that could be consistent with existing planning policies but would nevertheless severely mar the view.  Some examples would be 1) large and showy residences on hillsides visible from the road, 2) tall or massive housing complexes visible from the road, or 3) communication structures intruding on key vistas, such as looking east over Lucas Valley from the top of Big Rock.   

    Scenic road status would not preclude maintenance and improvement of existing development or infrastructure, nor new development or infrastructure such as bicycle paths, hiking trails and communication facilities.  All that is required is that they do not diminish the beauty of the view from the road.   

    Scenic road status would make the Lucas Valley Road corridor eligible for various grants to restore and enhance native flora and watershed (Miller Creek) and remove visual intrusions (undergrounding utilities).

    Experience with scenic roads in other counties has shown that scenic road designation does not increase traffic unless the road is actively advertised.

    Lucas Valley Road would be the first designated scenic county road in Marin.  Upper Lucas Valley pioneered community purchase of open space; now it can pioneer the protection of scenic roads.

    For more information and to sign the petition in support of scenic road status, please go to:

For a Q & A go to FAQs.Scenic.LV.Road.Nomination.pdf


Marin Community Alliance Opposing High Density Housing Goes to Court on February 13, 2015.


Click Here to Read: Opening Brief

Dear LVHA Residents:

Marin County’s Housing Element has been the center of much controversy due to its promotion of high density housing in many locations of unincorporated Marin. The Marin Community Alliance (MCA) was formed to legally challenge this push for high density development, which we believe is out of character with our county.

The details of the lawsuit is clearly outlined in the opening brief prepared by Michael Graf, who has won many CEQA (California Environmental Quality Act) litigations in many jurisdictions and recently the SPAWN case against Marin County.  You can read about MCA and its mission at their website:

We believe that informing Marin citizens is the best way to protect our area and to have an engaged democracy.

Especially for LVHA members, we need to be aware that the County has REZONED over 5000 acres throughout Marin at 30 units per acre density, above and beyond what it calls for in the last Housing Element update.  Unfortunately the vast majority of those acres are in our area.   Any housing developer regardless of market rate or affordability, who is willing to add a minimum number of required affordable housing units can build at that new high density, 30 units per acre. 

MCA and I thank the LVHA Board in making their contribution to fund the Grassetti Report which is part of the important public comment for the administrative record.

If you find that you share our concern, we would also ask you to take a stand in protecting our beautiful county from the adverse impacts on schools, traffic and water supply that will come with the growth-inducing Housing Element by writing a letter of support for our work to your LVHA Board. Donations are also most welcome as MCA pay for legal fees and cost.

If you have any questions, please do email us at!

Thank you!

Meehyn Kurtzman LVHA Zoning Committee

Marin Community Alliance Team


Notice of Public Hearing Marin County Draft Housing Element

The Marin Planning Commission has scheduled three public hearings on July 28,  August 25,  November 17 to review the Draft Housing Element for 2015 - 2023 and make a recommendation to the Board of Supervisors.  The BoS will then review and consider adopting the Draft as one or more separate hearings expected to be scheduled in fall of 2014.

The hearings will be held in the Planning Commission Chambers (Rm 328), Marin County Civic Center.

The schedule is as follows:

July 28, 2014,  5 PM

August 25, 2014,  10 AM

November 17, 2014,  1 PM


To review the Marin Conservation League letter to CDA on Draft Housing Element click here.


Clear V-Ditches

    Any homeowner whose property abuts open space and has a V-ditch along the property should keep these ditches clear of debris.    Do not cover the drains with wire of any sort or any other covering that could cause a buildup of debris. Backups can occur thereby resulting in flooding of homes.

   For flooding in the streets call the Department of Public Works at 499-7388.

    For a flooding emergency call the Fire Department at 479-0122 or if it is life-threatening call 911.


Street Construction Projects in Lucas Valley

       Several street construction projects are occurring in our community over the next two or three months.
      The crosswalks on Idylberry are being modified to be ADA compliant, TV and Internet cable is being installed on all streets, and Idylberry Road is being repaved.  New cable connection boxes and pedestals will be installed along the sidewalks.   Some of these projects may result in temporary delays or inconvenience, but this should be for only a short time.
     The existing natural gas, electric, communication, water, and sewer lines have been marked to help the contractors avoid damaging the existing utilities.  However, some outages could occur because of the need to relocate some utilities and due to accidental damage.   If you experience problems, please contact the appropriate service provider.

PG&E  1.800.743.5000

ATT   1.800.246.8464

Lucas Valley Cable 415.259.5856

Marin Municipal Water District  415.945.1400




Appeal & comment period ends September 2nd - The Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) has finished developing new flood maps based on a recent San Francisco Bay Study.  These maps delineate Special Flood Hazard Areas within San Rafael, and property owners who reside within these areas may be required to have flood insurance.  The new maps go into effect in 2015.  FEMA will hold three public meetings across the County to explain the map changes and how these changes may affect property owners within special flood hazard areas. The preliminary maps are ready for public review and comment, and will be on display at the three Marin meetings.

One meeting will take place June 18 at San Rafael City Hall at 6:30 p.m. The other two meetings are June 17 at Hill Education Center in Novato and June 19 at the Mill Valley Community Center, both at 6:30 p.m. The preliminary maps are now available on the FEMA website below and on the MarinMap website link below for public review and comment. The comment and appeal period begins June 4 and ends September 2. Click below to view a short presentation made recently by the Department of Public Works regarding the implementation of new Flood Maps.


CA Modern Blog Post

CA Modern says Lucas Valley Homeowners' website is one of the best.  See post on the Eichler Network CA Modern blog site.


Mountain Lion

     Here's an article on mountain lions and bob cats with good pictures. Mountain lions are more elusive than bob cats and far less prevalent. Article.


LVHA Community Online Forum: 300 Members and Growing

   The LVHA Community Online Forum is a way for neighbors to connect through the Internet to read and discuss issues of interest affecting Upper Lucas Valley. In addition, the online group is used for announcements and classified ads for LVHA residents.
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