High density Low Income Housing Element continued


   The 2012 Draft Marin County Housing Element is available for public review and input. The current 2012 Draft Marin County Housing Element contains revisions to the 2009 Draft. Revisions are in response to comments from the California Department of Housing and Community Development, and reflect input that was received from the public and through the Housing Element Task Force process in 2011.

   The 2012 Draft includes an analysis of local housing needs, policies to support workforce and low-income housing development in the unincorporated County and a Site Inventory Analysis, a section which includes a list of sites which can accommodate the need for new housing.  

    The Housing Element is part of the Countywide Plan and provides a framework to address residential development needs in the unincorporated County during the 8-year planning cycle. The Housing Element is guided by State housing element law, and the update schedule is separate from the 10 year cycle required for general plan updates.   

    To access the 2012 Draft Housing Element, a list of sites for evaluation, staff reports and more information, please visit, or visit the Planning Division at 3501 Civic Center Drive, Room 308 in San Rafael.

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