Upper Lucas Valley Celbrates 50 Years

    A full house, with standing room only, the historic event took place in Lucas Valley Homeowner Association’s community building, created originally as part of the Upper Lucas Valley Eichler development.  Special guests included Monique Lombardelli and

George Calys, SF Examiner architecture critic, who conducted a lively Q&A with Lombardelli following the screening.

    Prior to the screening, Joseph Eichler’s original sales executive, Catherine Munson, made a special guest appearance, delighting the audience with entertaining anecdotes of her personal experience working directly with Mr. Eichler for over 15 years, and who continues to sell Eichler homes today.

    “What an honor to be in Upper Lucas Valley to debut ‘People in Glass Houses’ recently,” says Lombardelli. “Lucas Valley Eichler homes are the Ritz Carlton of the style. These people are very passionate about their homes. Catherine Munson gave a moving speech and almost made me cry with her story of Joseph Eichler. Midcentury modern will ALWAYS be thriving!”

    Homeowners in this community go to great lengths to maintain them. The Upper Lucas Valley community is one of the few Eichler developments required to petition for committee approval to any external changes visible from the street..”


    Monique Lombardelli has 18 years of sales experience, four of which as a realtor with McGuire Real Estate. She specializes in mid-century modern homes and shares a passion for architecture and design. In creating “People in Glass Houses”: “I was fascinated by the history behind Joseph Eichlers's story and the spirit of the communities he created,” says Lombardelli.


    The Lucas Valley Homeowners Association community comprises 538 homes, developed by real estate developer Joseph Eichler, nestled in the Upper Lucas Valley area of San Rafael, California. The association is an incorporated common interest development offering residential owners a unique community experience. Its facilities include a community center, pool, tennis courts, horse stables, hiking trails, landscaped grounds, underground utilities, and its own Television cable and Internet broadband system.

    Joseph Eichler (1900–1974) was a 20th century US American real estate developer known for developing distinctive residential subdivisions of mid-century modern style tract housing in California. He was a social visionary and commissioned designs by leading architects, including Anshen & Allen, Claude Oakland, Jones & Eammons, Quincy Jones, and Raphael Soriano, primarily for middle-class Americans. He was one of the influential advocates of bringing modern architecture from customers residences and large corporate buildings to general public availability. The Upper Lucas Valley Eichler community is one of nine communities in Northern California.

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Photo Captions:

744A3338 Realtor filmmaker Monique Lombardelli (L), Coralie Langston-Jones, Eichler homeowner and Lucas Valley Homeowners Association Architectural Committee member (R)

744A3340 Realtor filmmaker Monique Lombardelli (L), George Calys, SF Examiner Architecture Critic (R)

744A3341 Realtor filmmaker Monique Lombardelli (L), George Calys, SF Examiner Architecture Critic (R)

744A3383 Coralie Langston-Jones, Lucas Valley Architectural Committee member (L); Mark Neely, Lucas Valley Homeowners Association Architectural Review Committee Consultants Mark Neely and Annette Kelty (R)

744A4496 Eichler homeowners Meredith and Matt Thouron.

744A3413 Joseph Eichler’s former marketing executive, realtor Catherine Munson and Lucas Valley Homeowners Association Architectural Review Committee Consultant Mark Neely

744A3415 Joseph Eichler’s former marketing executive, realtor Catherine Munson and Monique Lombardelli (L)

755A3452 Eichler homeowners (L to R) Mark Neely; Iris In’t Hout, Coralie Langston-Jones; and Michael Sainato

744A3489 A full house at Lucas Valley Homeowners Association building during the recent 50th anniversary of Joseph Eichler’s community in Upper Lucas Valley and world premiere of “People in Glass Houses: The Legacy of Joseph Eichler” by Monique Lombardelli.

744A3497 Realtor Catherine Munson, Joseph Eichler’s former marketing executive, takes center stage sharing her personal experiences of working with Mr Eichler for over 15 years.

744A3509 Realtor and filmmaker Monique Lombardelli delivers her speech at the recent world premiere of “People in Glass Houses: The Legacy of Joseph Eichler”  at Upper Lucas Valley 50th anniversary Eichler celebration.

Photo credit: Brett Wickens


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Nov 9, next event in series - TBD