LVHA screening of film, Welcome to my Eichler Home, 9/28 & 10/1

Event Date: 28-Sep-2017

On Thursday, September 28 and Sunday, October 1 from 7:00 - 9:00 PM, the LVHA will host two screenings of a film, two years in the making, which features many of our Lucas Valley homes and the people who live in and love them. 

To RSVP, go to Tickets are free and there are 100 seats available for each screening. They will be held for LVHA residents until September 15 and will then will be made open to the public.

Several LVHA residents are interviewed and featured in this film, including our beloved Catherine Munson. The film runs for 40 minutes and has a 1950’s retro flair while providing excellent information about Joseph Eichler and Eichler Homes, Inc. The film also features interviews with several former Eichler employees and business associates. In the film, the Upper Lucas Valley is identified as THE premier Eichler development anywhere.

The origins of this film project began eight or nine years ago when Catherine Munson introduced her Mount Susitna neighbors to an award-winning architect and developer from Holland - Edwin Oostmeijer. Mr. Oostmeijer led a tour of architects from Europe each year to visit important architectural sites around the Bay Area. During each visit, Catherine would host a Mount Susitna Court party and reception for the visiting Europeans who would also tour other houses on her cul de sac.

In the fall of 2015, Oostmeijer returned to the Lucas Valley with a well-known videographer from Holland - Robert Wiering - and they worked together to produce this film.

The screenings will include an introduction by resident Frank Lahorgue who has been the neighborhood liaison to the Dutch filmmaker and architect. Resident Laura Holmes Haddad will serve as MC. Following the film, a panel of residents will field questions from the audience. Panelists will include Van and Carol Athanasakos, original owners; Mark Neely, Chair of the LVHA Architectural Review Committee; Ron Marinoff, Fire Commissioner and original owner; and Brian Brydges, who has done extensive renovation to his first Eichler in the neighborhood. Refreshments and time to socialize will follow.