Nextdoor tutorial February 21 at 10 am to noon at LVHA clubhouse

Event Date: 15-Feb-2018

LVHA has now fully transitioned its online communications platform from Bigtent to Nextdoor (  We’ve created a private “opt-in” group on Nextdoor titled “Lucas Valley Homeowners Association (LVHA)”, which is completely restricted to the LVHA and allows members to easily post messages that can only be seen by other members. In addition, official LVHA announcements and other information will be communicated via this Nextdoor group.   

If you need assistance getting started on Nextdoor, Eric Gold will offer two tutorial sessions at the LVHA clubhouse on Thursday, February 15 and Wednesday, February 21 at 10:00 am to noon. The tutorial will cover topics such as how to navigate and use Nextdoor and how to control Nextdoor communications coming to your computer/smart phone. Please contact the Business Office if you are interested in attending - or 415-472-3202.