The LVHA Architectural Review Committee (ARC) serves to help maintain various architectural characteristics of our unique community as outlined in our CC&Rs, and Design Guidelines. 

All projects, including exterior painting, fencing, roofing, replacement of entry doors, driveways, siding, and other projects visible from the streetscape, are subject to design review.


ARC Committee Member Application ARC Committee Member Application (16 KB)

Compliance Notification Form Compliance Notification Form (16 KB)

Design Guidelines Design Guidelines (121 KB)

Design Guidelines Overview Design Guidelines Overview (124 KB)

Design Review Form Design Review Form (182 KB)

Fence Handout Fence Handout (17 KB)

Landscaping Handout Landscaping Handout (24 KB)

Paint Chart Paint Chart (701 KB)

Painting Handout Painting Handout (24 KB)

Procedures for Violations of AG & CC&Rs Procedures for Violations of AG & CC&Rs (85 KB)

Title 22 Lucas Valley Developement Standards Title 22 Lucas Valley Developement Standards (613 KB)

Windows and Doors Handout Windows and Doors Handout (18 KB)


  • Margaret Nau, Board Liaison 
  • Mark Neely, Chair
  • Erika Gendreau
  • Meehyun Kurtzman
  • Michael Weber
  • Gervais Tompkin




When: TBD

Where: Lucas Valley- call for location