About the LVHA Internet Group

The LVHA Internet group is for messages of general interest to LVHA residents which includes news announcements, a calendar of community events, and discussions and opinions of issues affecting the neighborhood. The group is open to Upper Lucas Valley residents only. It is hosted by Big Tent, an organization that provides a free, easy way for trusted groups to connect online. The following types of messages are acceptable for LVHA residents to post to the group:

  • Announcements of neighborhood happenings including LVHA meetings and events
  • Requests for information
  • Requests for advice on services, either commercial or volunteer
  • Requests for volunteers for activity within the neighborhood
  • Positive suggestions for improving the neighborhood
  • Service and trade recommendations, restaurant recommendations, items wanted/for sale, and garage sale notices.

You will receive an email message each time new information is posted to the group or you can choose to receive a daily digest version of the discussion topics which comes to you as a single email containing the day's postings.

Rules and Etiquette

  • Please keep in mind this is a neighborhood group, and be respectful in your posts. Debate can be lively without being insulting.
  • Please provide your name when you post a message.
  • Use the subject line to identify your post's specific topic, i.e., not just "Question", but "Question about boxwoods". When replying to a previous post and changing the topic in your reply, change the subject field to reflect the new subject.
  • Do not post someone else's private email address or email message without their permission.
  • Please avoid commercial advertising. However, ads for items you would like to sell or give-away—such as a basketball hoop or outdoor furniture--are acceptable.
  • Do not post political campaign messages except for positions at LVHA.
  • Keep your questions and comments relevant to the focus of the listserv.
  • When replying to a message sent to you, your response will go to the ENTIRE listserv. Only send a message to the entire listserv when it contains information that everyone can benefit from, otherwise send a response directly to an individual if that message pertains only to him/her. Double check the address before it is sent to be certain it is going to the intended person only or to the entire group.
  • Do not include file attachments with your message. References to websites are preferred.
  • Do not type messages in all upper case letters. This is perceived as "shouting" and is more difficult to read.

How to Subscribe

Fill in your name and email address on the sign-up form to the left. All members of the group must go through an approval process to verify that they are current members of LVHA, so you won’t have access to the group until the approval process is completed. Once your eligibility is verified you'll receive an email from Big Tent with a link to activate your LVHA membership on Big Tent. Click on the link to confirm your membership and you’re set! It's free and you can unsubscribe at any time.

To Post a Message

Send it in the body of an email (no attachments) with specific subject to Or you can log in to Big Tent and select the Forums tab to post a message. (Note: Only approved LVHA subscribers can post messages to the group). Concerned about too much email? You can choose to receive a daily digest version of the discussion topics which comes to you as a single email containing the day's postings rather than a separate message for each posting.

If you have questions, concerns, or comments about the Internet group OR if you need assistance with any of these instructions, feel free to contact the group moderators Cindy Johanson Irish or Dale Miller at