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County of Marin - 2021 Road Paving Program - update July 6, 2021

posted Friday, July 02, 2021

Update, July 6, 2021 - the following notice was recently sent to residents of Mt. Shasta Drive and Court by Ghilotti Bros., Inc.   

This will impact Mt. Shasta Drive north of Idylberry Rd.  No road work will be done on Mt. Shasta Drive south of Idylberry Rd.  

Parking on Idylberry Rd. in front of the LVHA clubhouse will be reserved for LVHA Pool construction related vehicles from 7 AM to 4:00 PM




Thank you for your patience while we continue to perform concrete work and drainage pipe replacements in your neighborhood. Mt Shasta Drive and Vogelsang Drive will be progressing into the asphalt grinding and paving phase of the project soon. Grinding will involve traffic delays and paving will require road closure.



Grinding up the old roadway July 14th 7AM-5PM10 Minute delays

Grinding up the old roadway July 15th 7AM-5PM10 Minute delays

Paving the first layer of the new pavement July 16th 7AM -5PM 30 Minute delays

Paving the second layer of the new pavement July 19th 7AM -  5PM ROAD CLOSED


“NO PARKING TOW AWAY” signs will be posted 72 hours prior to the actual days of work in the areas where parking must be prohibited. Any vehicle parked in a “No Parking” zone will be towed at the owner’s expense. When work has been completed in each area, the parking prohibition will end, and all signs will be removed. As one can anticipate during a project of this nature, mechanical malfunctions and unforeseen weather conditions may affect construction scheduling. If this occurs, it may be necessary to amend the dates for work on your street and you will be notified in writing.


Flaggers, detours, and traffic control signs will be used to help direct traffic at all times. Please obey the traffic signage and follow the direction of personnel for their safety and yours.


Should you plan to use your vehicle during construction periods when on-street parking has been prohibited, please make arrangement to park your vehicles on an adjacent street where street parking is not restricted. Emergency vehicles will always have access.


We apologize for your inconvenience and appreciate your cooperation.

If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to contact any of the individuals below:

Steve P. (510) 701-0319 – County of Marin’s Construction Manager

Rob W. (415) 760-1209 – GBI Project Superintendent

Gino G. (415) 328-2329 – GBI Project Manager


Thank you,

Ghilotti Bros., Inc.


County of Marin – 2021 Road Paving Program

The County of Marin has awarded the Northern Region Road Rehabilitation Project to Ghilotti Bros. Inc. (GBI). The scope of work includes micro- surfacing, asphalt paving, minor storm drain upgrades and the installation of new sidewalk curb ramps at roadway intersections as required by the Americans with Disabilities Act(ADA)of1990.

The County has awarded the construction management of this project to Park Engineering.

Pacific Gas and Electric, AT&T and Comcast will also have crews relocating their vaults to accommodate the ADA compliant curb ramps. The crews have coordinated schedules with both County staff and GBI., but questions regarding utility work should be directed to the respective utility owner. County staff can assist with getting the correct contact.

GBI and PGE will be starting with utility relocation and curb ramp repair this coming week. This phase of work is expected to take 2months through out the entire project area and is not expected to delay traffic more than 5 minutes at anytime.  Working hours are Monday through Friday 7 am to 5pm.The intersections included in this phase are:

Mt McKinley Rd and Mt Rainier

El Capitan Dr and Mt Whitney Ct 

Mt Foraker Dr and El Capitan Dr

Mt Foraker Dr and Mt Foraker Ct

Mt Foraker Dr and Mt Lyell Dr 

Mt. Whitney Dr and Mt Foraker Dr

Mt Shasta Dr

Mt Shasta Ct and Mt Shasta Dr

Mt Shasta Dr and Vogelsang Dr

Additional information will be provided as the micro-surfacing and asphalt paving schedules are established. Notice will be provided directly from GBI at least seven days in advance of any road closure or significant traffic delays.

Please feel free to contact Steve Patterson if you have any questions or concerns regarding this project.  Please see additional contact info:

GBI    Rob White    (415)760-1209

PG&E    Nick Kuroczko    (415) 720-1701

Park Engineering    Steve Patterson    (510) 701-0319

County of Marin    Rachel Calvert    (415) 473-2830

County of Marin Jordan Manzano (415) 473-6603

The following streets are part of the County repaving project:


2021 Paving List

Street                Limit of Improvements

El Capitan Drive           Idylberry Road to the end

Mt. Darwin Court           Mt. Lassen to the end

Mt. Diablo Circle           Mt. Diablo Road to Mt. Diablo Road

Mt. Foraker Drive/ Ct.     Idylberry Road to El Capitan Drive

Mt. Hood Court              Idylberry Road to the end

Mt. Lassen Drive            Mt. Darwin Court to Idylberry Road

Mt. Lyell Drive               Idylberry Road to the end

Mt. McKinley Road       Lucas Valley Road to Idylberry Road

Mt. Shasta Drive         Idylberry Road to the end

Mt. Whitney Drive/Ct.      Mt. Foraker Drive to the end

2021 Road Sealant List includes:

Lucas Valley Road – Mt. Muir Court to Nicasio Valley Road