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Friendly Reminders - suggestions from members

posted Tuesday, December 03, 2019
Friendly Reminders

Following are some suggestions from residents to help make living in our community a more pleasant and safer community.

  • Pet owners please be considerate of your neighbor’s lawns and plants when walking your dogs. Remember to walk dogs on a leash and clean up after them. This is especially a problem along Idylberry.  Also, please do not use someone else's garbage can for your doggie doo.
  • Please do not allow your dog to bark continuously.  We live in a quiet, beautiful valley.  No one wants to listen to a barking dog.
  • Please trim bushes back so that residents can walk on the sidewalks.
  • Please do not climb over the rails into the horse pastures.  Horses can and do bite and they can kick causing serious injury.  Be very watchful with small children in the horse pasture area.
  • Recycle your batteries at the drop off at the Marinwood Fire Station.  
  • The dumpster in the community center parking lot is for the use of the Center only.
  • Please pickup fallen fruit instead of leaving it to attract rodents.
  • Please keep noise levels down in the early morning hours.  Leaf blowers are especially annoying.
  • Please do not use rat poison.  The poison can also kill animals higher up the food chain like owls, hawks and pet dogs and cats.
  • Our HOA does not allow short-term rentals less than 30 days, like Airbnb.  Please refer to our CC&Rs, Section 7.1 Rental or Lease of Lots.

Thank you!