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Pool Timeline

posted Monday, August 12, 2019

The LVHA Board wishes it could confidently announce a reliable timetable or schedule for the Pool Project, but it cannot.

The CONSTRUCTION DRAWINGS are currently being created. 

These are very detailed plans that explain how the different features will be built, the sequence, dimensions, measurements, materials and finishes.

These are necessary to secure the appropriate State and County PERMITS and they also form the basis of CONTRACTOR BIDS.

The Board is confident that it has done its full due diligence on informing Marin County agencies what we want and we feel supported.

The Board cannot predict which contractors will bid on aspects of the Project, what the cost will be nor what the construction schedule will be. Barring any unforeseen circumstances, we expect construction will be efficient and relatively swift.

We fully understand that some are frustrated with the lack of apparent movement and ask for continued patience. There have been changes in the scope of the Project, and the concept has had to evolve as facts inform matters. It has required discipline and revision to stay within budget but the Board is unanimous on what the community deserves.

As soon as certain milestones are achieved, the Board will continue to update the community by postings on this website and through the Valley Vibration Newsletter.