County Service Area #13 (CSA 13) is a government agency that provides various services to our community. The Board of Supervisors of Marin County is its Board of Directors. In the case of CSA #13, it has an advisory board which is made up of the Board of Directors of the Lucas Valley Homeowners Association and its two representatives on the Marinwood Fire Commission. CSA # 13 was formed in the 1960s to contract with the Marinwood Community Services District to provide fire protection to our community. In the 1970s, Open Space was added and we passed a bond issue to buy the hills behind our community. Later, the function of Para-medic Service was added and LVHA contracted with the City of San Rafael for this service. Each time a service was added, an election was held to approve a tax rate increase for these services. 

Miller Creek which runs through our community needs constant care and attention. From the time that Tom Nunes sold his ranch to Joe Eichler in the early 1960s, there has been no entity responsible for the maintenance of the creek. The run-off from our open space and all our homes flows into Miller Creek. A regular on-going maintenance program is essential to the continued health and beauty of the creek. We have an opinion from the Marin County Council’s office that says the functions of "Creek Bank Stabilization" and "Soil Conservation" may be added to CSA #13 by an ordinance passed by the Board of Supervisors. This would allow funds in CSA #13 to be used for these purposes. Currently there are funds in CSA #13 account that would be available. We have been advised by the Marin County Department of Public Works that there are matching grant funds from various agencies available for this kind of work. Initially, surplus funds in the CSA #13 account could be spent to secure these matching grants. CSA#13 funds come from property taxes paid by the State to CSA #13. None of the funds from the 12cents persquare- foot- tax for fire protection could be used for this purpose. At this time there is no proposal for a new tax to fund this additional function. Should one be necessary in the future, it would have to be approved by a b vote of the residents of CSA #13. 

Supervisor Susan Adams will present a resolution to the Board of Supervisors at the Supervisors Board meeting on May 18, 2004 that adds "Creek Bank Stabilization" and "Soil Conservation " to CSA #13. This does not call for a new tax or increase of any kind. If persons representing 50% of the assessed valuation of CSA #13 protest, the ordinance will not go into affect. 

The Board of Directors of LVHA and Seven Past Presidents have endorsed this proposal. We hope all of the residents of our Association will also approve.


On June 29,2004, the Marin County Board of Supervisors passed a resolution adding the functions of soil erosion and water conservation to CSA #13. This will give us a means of establishing a continuing system for the care and maintenance of Miller Creek. There will be future meetings to determine exactly how this new arrangement will work.