Marin County Board of Supervisors Meeting 

April 5, 2005, the Board of Supervisors gave approval for our submitting a grant application to the State Water Resources Board. The application will now go forward. 

If we receive the grant, it will allow us to do extensive work on a section of the creek. We hope, in the future, to apply for further grants to work on restoration of the remaining areas of the creek and eliminate the continuing threat of erosion of property along the banks of the creek. We hope to hear by summer if our grant has been approved.


I am very sorry to announce that we did not receive the grant from the Water Resources Board. This is a great disappointment because we believed we had a very good chance. Liz Lewis is trying to find out if there were any reason for our losing out. So many organizations applied that it was probably just the luck of the draw. We presented a great proposal and generous matching funds. Liz will also look for other grants for which we might apply. 

~ Bettie Jones, Chair Lucas Valley Creek Committee