LVHA Watershed Ramblings - October 2010

October 27 - 7:30 PM at the LVHA Rec. Center. Refreshments will be served.Families welcome. Rsvp: Rachel Kamman
Learn fun facts about the valley. Share observations and experiences with nature. Guide HOA plans for 2011. If you’re under 16 – Help Start the Watershed Club.

Hillside Rambles:
Join neighbors in a hike!
October Weekends: Saturday 9AM – Volgasang Entrance
Families Welcome – Walk at ANY Pace. Bring water and your own trail snacks.

Streamside Chats:
If you live on the banks of Miller Creek, or one of the many tributary creeks you are SPECIAL. Keep your eyes out for a flyer from the watershed committee organizing gatherings this fall. Meet your neighbors, exchange stories about your special creekside experiences and have fun!

Parting Shots:
A plea for neighbors to pick up after their dogs in the open space. The beautiful hills above our homes are our “community back yard.” Please leave nothing more than footprints as you travel through. 

Question: Why can’t I leave dog waste on the trail in the open space? Poop is natural.
Answers – From Dixie students:
(N.B. Names have been changed to protect the innocent.)
Someone is bound to step in it.
It’s gross - I hate the smell.
‘Cause mom says I have to clean up after “Daisy” every day – she’s my dog.
Because leaving it there makes it not as nice.