Annual Tennis Committee Report 2012

Submitted by Carlos Lamas.

Following is a summary of the Tennis Committee activities for 2011-2012:

1. Tennis Rules updated.

The new requirement that non-residents pay $25/team to play in a Lucas Valley Tennis team has been fully implemented.

2. Upgrade to the access gates and locks to the tennis courts completed.

The code is being changed approximately every 6 months and disseminated via mailing list and internal e-mail service. Other resources are listed on the bulletin boards by the courts’ entrance.

Special access code to the lower courts issued to Dixie School coach. Some of the kids taking lessons have the code as well (this could be problematic)

3. Other improvements still needed around the tennis facilities: Landscaping, including improvements to the sitting-viewing areas. Water fountains do not work (very low pressure).

4. As reported last year, the upper courts are in need of repair: The courts were resurfaced (painted) four years ago and for the most part, this paint is still in good shape.

However, the base and the sub-base of the courts are buckling, the surface is uneven and cracks are developing; none of these issues would be resolved with a new coat of paint. The root cause of this damage is the inadequate drainage of the areas surrounding the courts.

Prior to rebuilding the courts (to bring these courts to the quality of the lower courts) it is imperative that the drainage system be improved to preserve the investment. This year the rain volumes were lower than average and the damage was not too severe.

However, any average rain-year will continue the deterioration. We, again, recommend that this work (drainage) be included in the budget for this fiscal year and finished in this calendar year, and that the complete rework of the courts be part of next year’s budget.

During this year Herman Chin, a member of the community and valuable contributor to the Tennis Committee and other committees, moved to Southern California. We’d like to acknowledge his hard work and dedication and that of the members of the TC, Bob Braghetta, Ronda Bouyea, Bob Riley.