Accomplishments Over the Last Twelve Months.

First, the ARC would like to thank Terry Bremer for her years of volunteer service to the committee. We appreciate her continued support and knowledge on historical ARC issues and any questions the committee has had about process and protocols.

The current ARC committee members are: Maida Brankman Christine Garnett Brett Moyer Aaron Munter and Mark Neely.

The ARC would also like to thank community members Meehyun Kurtzman, Patrick O'Hare, and Christ Kamages for volunteering their professional knowledge and assisting the committee over the course of the year.

In the Past Year

Since the last annual meeting of members the ARC has processed nearly 100 homeowner applications These apps have included such things as exterior paint, driveway replacements, solar installations, landscaping and tree maintenance, window replacements and larger, more extensive home remodel projects. When necessary, we have also worked with the county on permitting issue as part of their own Design Review process.

Given the extensive Idylberry resurfacing project and Comcast installation-- the ARC has been involved with monitoring the visual impact of the work and advocating on behalf of homeowners with regard to issues related to front lawns and sidewalks. Terry Bremer, along with the PIC, worked diligently to keep information flowing from Comcast and their subcontractors about the many complex infrastructure improvements and box installations that have been effecting the community.

As part of those efforts the ARC was able to get Comcast to adjust certain access box positions and sizes and secure less noticeable dark green boxes and box lids.

We also worked with the country planning department and Susan Adams to alter a majority of the new curb corners to a more visually appealing (yet code-compliant) dark grey color, rather than the bold bright yellow they had initially begun to use, which tend to soil and look unpleasant quite quickly. However, due to state/fed law, curbs within the school zone were required to remain yellow.

Goals for the Coming Year

The ARC would like to update the application process by creating an online submission form. Overall this would provide greater efficiently, convenience to homeowners, and speed the app review times. Any printed plans/color chips, etc could still be submitted at the office if needed, and would be indicated as such on the online form.

This approach would also make it much easier to cross-reference design details and will help the ARC share helpful information. We'll also work on updating the paint charts and make them easier to find online-- with visual images of homes that have similar colors and approved color combinations, etc.

The ARC will also be working on some education and outreach to the community about the design guidelines -- and how restoring/maintaining original design features can maximize home values. A mini-guide with helpful tips and suggestions for those homeowners with Eichler homes might also be in the works. We also will continue to write articles related to home/community maintenance for the Vibration.

The ARC will continue to work on compliance issues and do our best to work with homeowners on achieving those improvements.

We also have an idea to organize a community volunteer cleanup from time to time -- to assist those elderly homeowners who might find it difficult to maintain their front landscaping. Details will be forthcoming.

We have a wonderful, talented group of volunteers with extensive professional design/architectural knowledge and are always available to discuss and review any ideas homeowners may have with regard to the front/facades of their homes. Please don't hesitate to contact us for assistance.