By Monique Payne

There is a lot of buzz surrounding the Comcast build out to Lucas Valley. I am the New Housing Development Manager for the North Bay area and I’d like to dispel any rumors and bring some clarification and facts to the current status of the project. 

First, I’d like to start off by apologizing for the any confusion that may have resulted from the laborious process of our build out. We are diligently working to finish our serviceability…due to unforeseen delays the completion date is slated for January 2015.To date we have currently activated 407 addresses within the Lucas Valley Community. I will provide a full list to the Lucas Valley HOA so they can post the list on the community website and within the clubhouse. 

I’d like to outline an overview of the process that is involved with bringing service to each home. When we “build out” to a segment of the community, we are installing brand new underground conduit which is ran from a nearby node that provides serviceability to local taps. Once the node is activated we can then service the homes in the nearby area thatserviced by the connected taps. 

The process to service your home however, is not complete…in order to bring the coax line to your home, we need to have our subcontractor install what we call a “drop bury”. The “drop bury” is the process of running coax and or conduit to your home from the nearby tap. In some cases, it may require us to dig in your yard or open up concrete. In order to safely do this we need to have all the existing utilities marked on the ground so that we don’t accidently hit a utility line. Then our subcontractor (OCC) will come out and install the drop bury. When the drop bury is installed, then our technician can come out and install your Comcast services. I’ve worked with my Tech Ops team to outline a strategy and processes to bring the drop bury process down to a window of two weeks or less. 

We are committed to improving the overall customer experience with Comcast here at Lucas Valley and we welcome and encourage your feedback. We have a team of individuals who are ready to answer questions and help explain the options available for you. I’ve included a list of individuals committed to delivering the best customer experience possible. 

Please feel free to contact me for any escalations. 

Xfinity Sales Professionals: Chip Cohan 707-235-7853, Mike Zabaneh 707-332-7322, Clayton Mullaly 707-732-7520 

Xfinity Operations Team: Monique Payne, Verna Cautiverio