For those who are still using the LVHA cable system, it is currently providing local digital and analog TV signals for the following channels: 2 KTVU (Fox), 4 KRON (Independent), 5 KPIX (CBS), 6 ARTS channel, 7 KGO (ABC), 9 KQED (PBS), 11 KNTV (NBC), 48 KSTS Telemundo. Additionally, there are other best-effort HD channels and FM signals received by the antenna equipment on the north hill above Lucas Valley which are broadcast over the cable system. TV sets with digital tuners (now required on all new TV’s) are able to receive the digital channels. 

The list of digital stations is long and changes all the time, and it is the nature of digital TV that you need to have your TV scan the channels periodically to get an accurate list -- that’s the price you pay for not having a cable box. This is done from the TV’s Menu, and is usually called “auto-programming.” For example, KVIE (PBS, Sacramento), can only be seen on the cable on a digital TV set and they are in the process of adding more digital channels. If you want to access these, you will need to do a channel scan on each digital TV connected to the LVHA Community Cable