Minutes of the Finance Committee Meeting

January 13, 2014

Present were: Tom Egan, Ron Marinoff, Bob Shellenberg and Denis Ford.

In reviewing the Cable TV and Internet budget the phone at the head end building was discussed. The committee will recommend to the Board that LVHA pay for the phone as it is vital to protect the equipment. It advises LVC when the temperature rises to an unsafe level. Also discussed was the matter of internet at the office. The committee will also recommend to the Board that LVHA pay for the internet.

The initial pasture assets transferred from the Hill/Pasture Fund were deposited in the General Fund and applied to LVHA Equity.

The committee discussed various banks for a new CD. Some enticing advertisements do not apply to businesses. This will be looked into further.

The bill for pool water, given the current drought situation was discussed. This will be watched closely.

The property tax budget will be higher. The Health Permit is now charged through the property tax bill.