By Eric Egan, Member at Large 

While recent events surrounding the shutdown of expanded TV and internet services have not been easy for any of us, we owe great thanks to Lucas Valley Cable for their years of service to our community. 

 LVC stopped operations on October 11th and there are no available options to continue any expanded TV or internet services on the LVHA cable. However, TV stations 2-13 as well as a list of over-the-air stations will continue to be broadcast over the cable system in accordance with our CC&Rs. 

Marin County has informed LVHA there are no construction permits being held up to complete the Comcast built-out. Comcast is working to complete their installations in Lucas Valley by the end of the year. If you have any questions about Comcast orders or installation, please contact Chip Cohan directly on his mobile phone, 415.317.0695 o r 707.235.7853. 

If you are having any issues with channels 2-13, please call Janice in the LV business office. 

If you are having any issues with your or email, please contact Keith Parker, 415.507.0123 or keith@

Additionally, the Community Center (LVCC) continues to have free Wi-Fi service available for all residents. Margret Nau has been and will continue opening the community center during the day (8am to 8pm) to allow residents to use internet access during the week. There are tables, chairs and powerstrips available for residents. Thank you, Margret. 

If there are further questions, please feel free to reach out to me - or 415.312.4930.

LV Cable Line-up Below is the ANALOG lineup: 2 KTVU 4 KRON 5 KPIX 6 ARTS Channel 7 KGO 9 KQED 11 KNTV 

In addition, all the digital signals from the upper head-end processors (QAM) remain exactly as they were. These require TV’s with digital tuners that have been properly set up with the “auto-program” (“channel scan”) procedure. 

2.11 KTVU HD 2.12 LATV 4.11 KRON HD 4.12 KRON SD 5.1 KPIX HD 6.11 KVIE HD 6.12 KVIE2* 6.13 V-Me* 7.1 KGO HD 7.2 Live Well 7.3 Live Well 9.1 KQED HD 9.2 KTEH 9.3 KQED World 11.11 KNTV HD 11.12 NBCPL HD 13.1 KOVR HD* 14.11 KDTV HD * 14.12 KFSF HD* 20.1 KOFY-HD 20.2 Me-TV 32.1 KMTP 32.2 WorldCh 32.4 WTV 32.5 KMTP Chinese 36.1 KICU HD* 36.2 KICU* 40.11 KTXL-HD* 40.12 KTXL* 44.11 KBCW HD* 54.11 KTEH* 54.12 KQED* 54.13 PBS Life* 54.14 PBS Kids* 54.15 V-Me* 65.1 KKPX Ion HD* 60.1 KCSM* 60.2 KCSMMHz* 60.3 JazzTV 65.2 KKPX Ion* 65.3 KKPX Ion Life* 

*These channels may be blocked for those who did not have either Internet or Expanded TV. Let me know and I’ll remove filter causing the block. The above list changes frequently due to station rebranding. Re-doing auto programming may be occasionally necessary to refresh this list. Note that all channels depend on off-air reception, which is subject to weather and atmospheric conditions.