By Meehyun Kurtzman, Zoning and Planning Chair 

Marin Community Alliance opposing high density housing goes to court on February 13, 2015. 

Marin County’s Housing Element has been the center of much controversy due to its promotion of high density housing in many locations of unincorporated Marin. The Marin Community Alliance (MCA) was formed to legally challenge this push for high density development, which we believe is out of character with our county.

The details of the lawsuit is clearly outlined in the opening brief prepared by Michael Graf, who has won many CEQA (California Environmental Quality Act) litigations in many jurisdictions and recently the SPAWN case against Marin County. Read the Opening Brief. You can read about MCA and its mission at their website:

We believe that informing Marin citizens is the best way to protect our area and to have an engaged democracy. 

Especially for LVHA members, we need to be aware that the County has REZONED over 5000 acres throughout Marin at 30 units per acre density, above and beyond what it calls for in the last Housing Element update. Unfortunately the vast majority of those acres are in our area. Any housing developer regardless of market rate or affordability, who is willing to add a minimum number of required affordable housing units can build at that new high density, 30 units per acre.