By Bob Schellenberg, Chair PIC 

The purpose of this article is to give the Lucas Valley Homeowners an overall update regarding the “Modernization Project” of the Community Center and Pool Area. 

Over the years maintaining and updating our Community Center, having a plan of action of what to do to improve our facilities and how to do it, has been discussed. The LVHA has spent money to have a design firm put together design plans for our Community Center and grounds. Meetings were held to educate and inform the residents as to these plans. Committees were involved in the process and are ongoing, to provide input to our Board. Many experts from our community such as urban planners, architects, and design specialists are involved with this project on a volunteer basis. 

We have finally reached the point in this project where we have a plan of action to begin the restoration. Professionals have assessed our needs and have provided us with detailed reports. There has been a cost to the Association for their services. For example: ADA Rules and Regulations to bring us to current compliance; pool and deck assessment regarding surface area and pool equipment; Community Center structure including electrical and plumbing status; landscaping and the parking area. We have designated 4-5 target projects to be done over time. The plan then is to determine the best way to finance each project to completion. 

The committees that advise the LVHA Board, who will make the final decision as to the projects, are the PIC, ARC, Pool and Finance. Residents can always contact the heads of the committees to get more information. The most important source of information is to attend the monthly Board Meetings which always provide updates and the status of our Restoration Project. Committee Chair people are always present to answer questions. The public is invited and strongly encouraged to contribute throughout the project, particularly now during the design stage. You can also drop by our Business Office to get updates from our Business Manager or look at the material available. 

The Board and its advisory committees agreed that the most important first step toward modernization was to have a thorough professional assessment evaluation of our entire facility. The actual work will be done over a period of time, in phases. We have no deadline or exact start/finish date at this time. We also plan to have minimal disruption to current activities and use of the facility when projects begin. 

In summation, there are many benefits to our community – there are no negatives. This is a financial benefit to all Homeowners to enhance our Community Center and grounds. We will be compliant with mandatory ADA standards, update our electrical and plumbing systems, and most important, retain the original design, preserving the architecture for the unique community we all live in.