By Eric Egan, Member At Large 

In the coming weeks, LVHA will distribute ballots to homeowners for you to consider an amendment to our Covenants, Conditions and Restrictions (CC&Rs). To change our CC&Rs, law requires all members have the opportunity to submit a secret ballot. The proposed amendment, if approved by at least 275 homeowners, would remove LVHA’s requirement to provide basic TV Cable service to LVHA homes. 

Our CC&Rs currently mandate LVHA continue to budget and pay to operate, maintain and repair the existing cable system, which includes the head-end, amplifiers, signal distribution and transmission. In the past few years, service providers like AT&T, Dish Networks and DirectTV have made TV service (and even internet and phone service offerings) available to most LV homes. With the recent Comcast cable installation and dissolution of Lucas Valley Cable, most homeowners now receive TV services without connecting to the LVHA community cable system. These events bring us to a point where we need to decide whether we keep or remove LVHA’s obligation to providing basic TV services. 

A “Yes” vote to amend the CC&Rs would remove the current requirements to provide basic TV services and allow LVHA to decide what to do with the cable system and infrastructure. Financially, it would keep LVHA from having to budget the maintenance, repair and operation of the cable system. Frankly, it would allow LVHA to get out of the cable business. 

A “No” vote would keep LVHA obligated to operating, maintaining, repairing basic TV service on the existing cable system. 

When you receive your ballot in the mail, please take some time to read through the amendment, circle a choice and return your ballot to the LVHA office. We need 275 votes to pass the amendment. So please submit your ballot. 

If you have any questions, please attend an upcoming board meeting or email or call the Member at Large, Eric Egan ( or 415-312- 4930.