Five hundred fifty four people have already signed a petition saying Yes! Although Marin County has many land use and zoning policies, it has no policies specifically protecting the viewsfrom itsscenic roads. The view from Lucas Valley Road is dominated by beautiful hills and roadside vegetation, despite the presence of three housing developments along the north side of the road and a few houses on the south side. Because of their siting and screening by trees, other planting, and low berms, the houses do not draw one’s eyes away from the scenery. 

But there are ample opportunities for construction in the Lucas Valley Road view-shed that could be consistent with existing planning policies but would nevertheless severely mar the view. Some examples would be 1) large and showy residences on hillsides visible from the road, 2) tall or massive housing complexes visible from the road, or 3) communication structures intruding on key vistas, such as looking east over Lucas Valley from the top of Big Rock. 

Scenic road status would not preclude maintenance and improvement of existing development or infrastructure, nor new development or infrastructure such as bicycle paths, hiking trails and communication facilities. All that is required is that they do not diminish the beauty of the view from the road. Scenic road status would make the Lucas Valley Road corridor eligible for various grants to restore and enhance native flora and watershed (Miller Creek) and remove visual intrusions (undergrounding utilities). 

Experience with scenic roads in other counties has shown that scenic road designation does not increase traffic unless the road is actively advertised. Lucas Valley Road would be the first designated scenic county road in Marin. Upper Lucas Valley pioneered community purchase of open space; now it can pioneer the protection of scenic roads. 

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