Approved by the LVHA Board
June 15, 2011


Prime Time Rules:


1. Courts may be reserved for lessons, league matches and tournaments when approved in advance by the Lucas Valley Homeowners Association.

2. Players under 18 have priority from 3 pm to 5 pm, Monday through Friday, on the Lower Courts.

3. Lucas Valley Tennis teams (men’s, women’s, mixed) must leave at least one court available for homeowners use at all times. Approved reservations of up to three courts at the same time for practices, lessons and league matches, must be posted on the bulletin boards found at the main entrances of the courts.

4. Recreational community oriented tournaments sanctioned by the Lucas Valley Homeowners Association may schedule all four tennis courts from 9 am until noon, including Prime Time hours.

5. Tennis instructors using Lucas Valley courts to provide lessons to residents and their guests must pay the Homeowners Association a mutually agreed fee for the use of the courts. Tennis instruction must be approved by the Board.

6. All gates that give access to both sets of courts must be kept locked at all times. Only a homeowner may open the gates by using the combination code or key provided only to homeowners. The combination code or key should not be given to players outside of the community, even if they belong to a league team.

7. The access code or key will be changed periodically. Information will be provided by calling the HOA Office or any of the members of the Tennis Committee whose names and numbers are posted on the HOA intranet and in Channel 8.

League Playing Rules:

1. League playing will be encouraged and promoted subject to maintaining the availability of courts for homeowners’ use according to these rules. Permission to use the LVHA tennis courts is granted to the Tennis League because it is understood that the intent of Tennis League is to serve the Lucas Valley Homeowners Association Community. LVHA understands the need to increase membership through non-homeowners to fill out the places on a team; however, the program is first and foremost a homeowner based program.

2. League playing is governed by the United States Tennis Association (USTA) regulations. Local and regional organizations that support league playing may have specific regulations, also to be observed.

3, The USTA rules of comportment on the tennis courts are followed in all leagues. All rules must be abided by all Lucas Valley teams and their players participating in those leagues.

4. Teams participating in leagues have a captain and may also have a co-captain. All Lucas Valley Tennis teams shall have a homeowner as captain or, as an exception, as co-captain. Responsibilities of the captain (with co-captain’s help) include (but are not limited to) to reserve the courts with the HOA for HOME matches, to ensure that the courts are in playable conditions before the matches, to coordinate with other LV Tennis teams for court availability, to return equipment and tools to their storage place, to ensure that the Lucas Valley Tennis Rules are observed.

5. Lucas Valley Tennis Teams are self governed. Decisions about roster, line-ups, match times and other administrative issues are left to the discretion of the Captain and Co-captain.

6. Lucas Valley Tennis Teams shall roster homeowners whenever possible, endeavoring to preserve a balance between the competitive nature of League playing and the inclusiveness of homeowners.

7.Homeowners on a roster shall not have any special playing privileges over non-homeowners.

8.Non-homeowners playing in a Lucas Valley team will be assessed a fixed fee, determined yearly by the HOA Board.

9.Matches on leagues previously approved by the HOA Board are not required to have one homeowner per court.