Exterior paint is by far the most common home improvement item we see on the Architectural Review Committee.

And while choosing an appropriate paint can seem fairly straightforward on the Eichler homes (selecting a color for the house, fascia and beams) -- the application of these colors to the structure is more complex then it first seems. Details like trim work, exterior doors and roof flashing often create a bit of uncertainty about how best to proceed. Although minor, these small details can make a big difference in the appearance of your Eichler home. Oftentimes paint contractors who are more familiar with traditional home design want to paint these elements in the manner they are accustomed to in other neighborhoods. Over the years, this has lead to a lot of inconsistencies and confusion, as homeowners look to neighboring homes for examples on how to paint their own homes.

Here are a few tips that can help.


Generally, all trim and casing around windows should be painted the house body color. On more traditional homes, this trim work is often considered a decorative element to be highlighted. Not so with the modern Eichler home. Painting trim to match the body color removes the visual distraction and allows for a more streamlined, modern approach. This was the original intent of the architects, and this approach still holds true today. However many Eichler models frame the entry door with the vertical post structure used to support the beams. And in those areas the paint should match those vertical posts. Any vertical corner trim, trim around side yard windows and trim around garage doors look much better when matched to the house body color. Also, keep in mind that any exposed support beams (such as those that are revealed over side windows) should be painted to match the other beams in the house and not the body color. This small visual reveal is intended to highlight the post and beam structure and create a visual link to the other beams in the home.


In all cases garage doors and any side entry doors should be painted to match the house body color.


The metal roof flashing that wraps the top edge of the fascia boards should be painted to match the fascia. However, in areas of the house where there is no overhang, the roof flashing should match the house body color. This is probably the most common error we see with exterior paint projects. By painting the flashing in those areas to match the body color it allows the architectural feature of the roof overhangs to ‘pop’ instead of creating a band/belt around the entire structure.

Some homes have added a larger fascia trim over the years in these nonoverhang areas, often when adding a thicker roofing material. If so, painting those larger trim elements to match the body color (just in those areas without an overhang) is the preferred approach. Although it may seem, at first, unusual to paint a section of fascia boards that abuts another two different colors--- for those with modified roof trim, this will help restore one of the more interesting visual effects of your modern home.

Metal Roof Flashing