The LVHA Pool is closed - until completion of the Pool renovation in 2021.  


Pool Hours

The pool is closed if covers are on.

Pool hours vary according to the season.  Please understand that if the covers are on the pool that they are not to be taken off by residents. It is dangerous and against the law to swim with any covers on the pool.  If it is not 73 degrees in the morning the covers will not be removed.  The key fob will be disabled if one has removed covers. 

  • Spring hours without lifeguards generally start in May (weather permitting) and goes thru mid-June; Monday - Friday 12 - 7 pm. Pool shared with swim team from 4 - 7.  An adult must be present with children under the age of 14 when no lifeguard is present.   October hours are dependent on weather.   
  • Sat and Sun 12-6 pm.
    *must be at least 73 degrees. 


  • Summer hours generally begin mid-June
  • Summer hours for recreational swim for families with lifeguards present is 12-7 pm daily.
  • Lap swimming - Tues. Thur. & Sat. 9:30 am - 7pm.  and Mon., Wed., & Fri. 12 - 7 pm.  Sun. 12 - 6 pm.
  • Summer hours end Thursday Aug 20th.  From Aug 21 - Sept 8 the pool will be open from 12 - 7 but there may be no guard availability.
  • Fall hours without lifeguards start Sept 8th and goes generally thru September; Monday - Friday 12 - 6 pm.  Pool shared with swim team from 4 - 7.  Sat and Sun 12-6 pm.   If weather allows the pool will be open in October also.  

    An adult must be present with children under the age of 14 when no lifeguard is present.

  • *must be at least 73 degrees.
  • The winter swim hours begin generally November 1st.   Adults may swim laps during the Masters workouts (5:30 am to 6:30 am or 8:30 am to 9:30 am Tue. - Fri.) or during the swim team practice (4 - 6pm Mon. - Fri.).  If the covers are off during the day (must be 73 degrees or they may be off for cleaning) one may swim as long as the pool is not in the process of being cleaned (usually Friday morning).


    Pool Cleaning times during spring and summer are:  Monday, Wednesday, Friday from 10 am to 12 noon. 

    Pool Cleaning times during fall and winter are:  same 

During daylight hours the lap swimmers and baby pool users are able to access the pool within the guidelines above. There are no lifeguards present outside of the the hours stated so you are swimming at your own risk and absolve the LVHA of all responsibility. 

Please consult the pool calendar and the camera to check the changing daily status of the pool. Also consult the link to the pool rules. 

The pool gate can be accessed with your key fob. Please make sure that it is on your key ring as the gate will generally be closed. The homeowner must be in possession of their key fob, present with their guests and limit the guest number to four people.

Members are NOT allowed to remove covers.  No one is allowed to swim with the pool partially covered.  

Warm evening BBQ

Bring your dinner to BBQ on our gas grill and enjoy later swimming hours. We will offer this on very hot days when our lifeguards can cover the pool an hour later till 8pm.


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